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Why ordering from me?

Hello people, Here you can find another very beautyfull drawing. I want to explain where is the difference between a portrait that you make on the street and a portret that you can order from me. Imagine you must hold still for 30 - 60 minutes without moving a finger. It´s true that the most artists have a good foto-memory and they can tell you where you must move the hand back where it was before you scratched your self. You can´t go home again to change your clothes and rearrange your hair. You simply sit and wait for the result and hope you will have luck. At the end you must pay between 60 € and 100 €, for a sketch, that you don´t even like but you have a nice remembrance and it don´t even looks like you it´s only looking a little bit like you. The good thing when you´re ordering from me is you can send me your favorite photo and simply explain in a few words what you want that I draw for you and you receive the finished drawing at home in about 1 - 6 weeks in the format that

How I draw - New portrait

Hello people, sorry for not posting until now in English. I will take the revanche for english speakers with more posts ;) I want to show you my new pencil drawing, how I draw it and this time I will post the original picture too. So that you can compare them. I hope you like it and I wait for improvement suggestions and oppinions. Here you can see the original picture:  Here is the pencil portrait: